Marchman Makes False Accusations Again

Once again, Judge Sharon Marchman is making false accusations against a judge.

Marchman Makes False Accusations Again

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Once again, Judge Sharon Marchman is making false accusations against a judge. Like the courthouse security video, Marchman’s latest false accusations have been documented on video (See link).

In the last few days, Marchman and her campaign began accusing incumbent Judge Jimbo Stephens of being a Bernie Sanders Independent. This is not true and Marchman knows her accusations are false.

We have seen the politicians in the Kavanaugh hearing push false accusations in their effort to stop the confirmation of a conservative judge. Some elected officials will say anything for personal political gain.

We all know that Judge Stephens is a conservative Independent and Sanders is not. Bernie Sanders caucuses with the Senate Democrats and ran for the Democratic Party presidential nomination in 2016.

Judge Jimbo Stephens agrees with President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, that a judge must be independent and must interpret the law, not make the law.

Marchman’s false accusations and negative campaigning have no place in a judicial campaign. These false accusations damage the Republican efforts which must have the support of all conservatives, especially independent conservatives, to win in the midterm elections.

Judge Stephens, a Trump Independent, is a constitutional conservative whose record reflects his conservative Christian values. Judge Stephens had the honor of swearing in President Trump’s Federal Judge nominee, Judge Terry Doughty. Judge Doughty was Congressman Ralph Abraham’s recommendation for the Federal Judge position.

Judge Stephens’ life story of how hard work and Christian faith helped him successfully overcome the loss of his right hand at age 11, is an inspiration to everyone.

Judge Stephens, who is Pro-life, believes in less government intervention in our lives, strong families and individual responsibility.

Judge Stephens, a member of the NRA, is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, not just because he likes to hunt, but because he knows that the Second Amendment is responsible for safeguarding the rest of the constitution.

Judge Stephens knows that the constitution as it is written, protects us from too much government and guarantees our individual freedom.

Marchman’s False Accusations video link:

Marchman’s Campaign False Accusations video link:

Security Elevator Video link:

Poll Favors Stephens link:

Reprinted in part from The Ouachita Citizen - 10/4/2018


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