Poll favors incumbent Judge Stephens

Judge Stephens’ Community Involvement and Hard Work Have Paid Off in Ouachita Parish

Poll favors incumbent Judge Stephens

The election last year was for the open position created by the retirement of the late Second Circuit Judge Larry Lolley. The voters chose the most experienced candidate with the broadest range of courtroom experience for the Second Circuit Court of Appeal, Judge Jimbo Stephens.

Judge Stephens travels to the Court of Appeals in Shreveport for oral arguments but his judicial office is in Monroe.He supports community events in Ouachita Parish as well as the other four parishes. His community involvement has given many people in Ouachita Parish the chance to get to know him and learn about his inspirational life story of successfully overcoming obstacles. They have also learned about his courtroom experience, broad knowledge of the law and work ethic that have been an asset in his 130 panel decisions as a Second Circuit Court of Appeal judge.

“Obviously, there is no reason to fire Second Circuit Judge Stephens. He is a hard-working, independent constitutional conservative with the most courtroom experience, knowledge of the law and the demeanor to treat everyone fairly.” James Jones, Republican

In 2017, Judge Marchman lost the race but carried Ouachita Parish 62 percent to 38 percent, but Judge Stephens carried the other parishes 78 percent to 28 percent and won the five parish election 52 percent to 48 percent. Now, Judge Marchman’s 24-point lead in Ouachita Parish has changed dramatically and incumbent Judge Jimbo Stephens is leading Ouachita Parish.For more polling information go to this source link: http://winwithjmc.com/archives/8413

Judge Stephens serves with eight other judges on the Court of Appeal who work together in panels of three to review cases on appeal from 20 North Louisiana parishes. There are four women and five men serving on the Second Circuit Court of Appeal.

Judge Stephens’ has a record of being an Independent constitutional conservative who upholds the law and does not try to make decisions based on personal or political agenda.

“Jimbo did not let the loss of his hand, at age 11, keep him from becoming a rodeo competitor, an airplane pilot, a farmer and a judge. Jimbo doesn’t give up and has never seen himself as a victim or one who thinks their rights have been violated and uses that as an excuse for their actions.” Buckshot Sims, Republican

“Judge Jimbo Stephens is a true constitutional conservative who does not advocate or attempt to change the law from the bench. We need him on the Second Circuit Court of Appeal to help protect our constitutional freedoms.” Carmen Sims, Republican

“Judge Jimbo Stephens has a record of treating everyone with respect and fairness. As conservatives we need to support his re-election for the Second Circuit Court of Appeal.” Janna Sadler, Republican

“Judge Stephens’ experience has not been limited to one area of the law, he has the best overall experience needed to serve on the Second Circuit Court of Appeal,” Linda Brooks, retired Ouachita Parish teacher.

“Successfully overcoming obstacles is an example of how Judge Stephens’ Christian faith and hard work makes the impossible possible. He is an inspiration to everyone and deserves our support for re-election to the Second Circuit Court of Appeal.” Phil Trahan, Republican

“We are blessed by God to live in a country governed by a constitution that protects our freedom and guarantees our right to bear arms. I want my grandchildren to experience the outdoors and learn the values of sacrifice and hard work,” Stephens said.

Jimbo and his wife, Faith, have three children and four grandchildren. Faith and Jimbo live on their farm and continue the fifth-generation of family farming.

An avid outdoorsman, Stephens rides, ropes, farms and enjoys fishing and hunting with his grandchildren. He is a member of the National Rifle Association and the National Wildlife Turkey Federation.

“This has been a terrific year for our family. We have met so many supportive, encouraging people on the campaign trail. And on the farm, our corn yields have been some of the best ever. My grandchildren cannot help but marvel at God’s creation as they help and watch the planting, growth and harvesting of the corn and other crops,” Judge Jimbo Stephens.


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